Trasparenze Amaranto Tights

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Amaranto is the epitome of Trasparenze's style of leg wear. Richly designed, infinitely detailed and the perfect balance of traditional and timeless principles. The backseam is flattering and designed to look like a strip of lace, whilst the twisting helix shape is made from vines and other flora. Meanwhile the mesh on the leg imitates a fishnet making it amazingly versatile. This is the perfect design for those who want a rich and beautiful item of leg wear that captures the classics of Italian design as well as modern design conventions.

* 80 denier
* Soft microfiber
* Fishbone pattern
* Mirrored front and back
* Fun geometric pattern
* Back panel in MAXI size
* 91% Polyester
* 9% Elastane

Available in a range of sizes


Fit Guide: S-2, M-3, L-4

*Actual colour is Beige with Ivory details. Image shows pattern only


  • Hand wash in cool water with Forever New Strut after every wear
  • Let soak for 20 minutes
  • Rinse
  • Hang to dry
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