Trasparenze Amaranto Stay-Ups

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Amaranto is maybe the best example of a true Trasparenze design. It is the distillation of what makes their items so beautiful. With floral arrangements befitting a palace garden, a timeless diamond pattern that goes with everything, and a backseam made in the most ornate fashion. This temptation to go above and beyond with their work is something that you will find in every new release from Trasparenze. And with the influence of their cultural heritage and the Italian history that informs their designs, is there any wonder why they are so enthusiastic?

* Lovely diamond pattern
* Floral back seam
* Flat top
* 88% Polyamide
* 12% Elastane

Available in a range of sizes


*Actual colour is Beige with Ivory details. Image shows pattern only

Fit Guide: XS/S-1/2, M/L-3/4


  • Hand wash in cool water with Forever New Strut after every wear
  • Let soak for 20 minutes
  • Rinse
  • Hang to dry
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