Philippe Matignon Nudité Veloutée Tights

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Nudite is the new line up of stunning designs from Italian fashion protegee Philippe Matignon. Nudite are all seamless tights designs and are the pinnacle of leg wear design. As they are challenging to make, brands usually only have one in the whole collection. Nudite, however, are all seamless tights, meaning Philippe Matignon have four seamless tights in their range, which we think must be a record. Veloutee is the thickest at 50 denier, making it robust, longer lasting and the best at adding colour to your skin. With a trace amount of silver in the fabric, these marvellous tights combat the rigours of your day to day routine by eliminating bacteria and keeping you feeling as good as new and fresh as a daisy.

* 50 denier
* Opaque seamless tights
* Soft microfibre
* No gusset
* Anatomic waistband
* 92% Polyamide
* 8% Elastane

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